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Welcome to our olive grove tour & tasting!
Sessions run April to mid November! 

You're invited! Join us in our olive garden, surrounded by nature, tradition and culture! This is a fun, relaxing and informative tour about olive oil starting with a casual walk across our family olive grove and the olive trees that produce the rare Manaki variety.  We will talk about the olive tree, the olive oil lifecycle, culture, history, myths and legends of olive oil! At the end of our walk, an olive oil tasting awaits you, led by an Olive Oil Sommelier; an experience that will change the way you see olive oil and will introduce you to a new world! 

A unique experience just one hour from Athens city!
Whether you're a city dweller or an adventurer, this tasting is made for you!

What's included?

  • Warm welcome!

  • English speaking hostess, olive oil taster & professional producer

  • A brief, relaxing walk inside our family olive garden where the local Manaki variety is cultivated at the feet of Mt. Fokas

  • Myths & legends of the location

  • Olive Oil Tasting workshop

  • Tasting of different olive oil varieties & quality grades

  • Food pairing of extra virgin olive oil with unexpected                Greek flavours 

  • Lots of fun!

Olive Oil Tasting sessions run

from April to mid-November

Duration & Language

about 2 hours - English


€ 65,00/person

€ 35,00/person for up to 12yo

for a fun, local, authentic and lifechanging experience!

Small groups up to 8-10 people

*For larger groups, please contact.

Comfortable shoes, a hat &

a good mood is all you need! 

  • Indulge your senses and enjoy a lifechanging experience!


    Загружаем дни...

    2 часа

    65 euros

Dress code

Casual clothes,

comfy shoes,

don't forget that hat!

The experience at a glance...


We begin our walking tour through the olive grove from the meeting point, where the small chapel of St. Efrem is. During the walk, we discuss about the olive tree as part of our heritage and culture, its contribution to history, mythology, economy and art while we explore the Manaki trees – an olive variety that is delicate and rare and is not cultivated in other parts of the world. We explore the cultivation and agricultural practices, the challenges that the trees and producers face and the significance of overcoming these challenges to achieve high quality.


We take a look into the lifecycle of olive oil from farm to table and learn about the defects that can be developed in olive oil when not made carefully. As a result, visitors understand the complexity of producing artisan, high quality olive oil!

Our walk finishes with our arrival at our kiosk, situated at the highest point of the olive grove and overlooking the trees and the view across it. There, visitors take a seat at the olive oil tasting table to begin our tasting session! A number of different olive oil samples will be available for you to smell and taste, under the guidance of the olive oil sommelier, to compare and evaluate the different samples and better understand the differences in quality as well as variety profile.

During the olive oil tasting you will learn: 

  • Learn everything about olive oil categories and the basic principles of olive oil tasting

  • Explore the fruitiness, pungency and bitterness

  • Learn how to appreciate and taste olive oil to identify award winning qualities as well as negative traits and tell the difference

  • Understand the role of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet in a holistic way

  • Discover the many health benefits of olive oil

  • Find out how to shop for olive oil, how to store it and how to use it properly

  • Get inspired with food pairing, learning how to combine olive oil with food in order to elevate a simple dish into a gastronomic experience!

Leaving the activity, you will see olive oil in a new light, have the knowledge to select an olive oil from the shelf, add value to your nutrition and well-being and reinvent your appreciation of olive oil!

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